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We are proud to announce that Isernio’s Chicken Sausage Rolls are now being carried in all Albertons stores in Washington and Oregon! Currently, you can find 3 flavors: Italian, Breakfast and Apple. This is exciting new for us because it means it’s even easier for our customers to find our products (you can also find them at these locations).

Because we want you to try our Chicken Sausage Rolls, we are going to make it easy for you to win a free one! Here’s what you do:

You’ve been so great telling us how you roll that now we want to see you roll. Just email us (info@isernio.com) a photo of  you using our Chicken Sausage Rolls. Heck, you can even send us a photo of you posing in front of your favorite Albertsons store with one of our rolls, or posing it Roll Around Seattle style in front of a neighborhood icon. We’ll pick three winners each week and post the winning photos on our blog and Facebook fan page.

We look forward to seeing how you roll!


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Happy baby

Looking for a great recipe to feed your kiddo?  Isernio’s Sales Coordinator Ingrid Harger has a winning recipe that her baby loves. We think yours will, too (no matter how old!).

Ingrid tells us:

“Our 21-month old, Lily, is what you might call ‘choosy’ when it comes to her proteins.  (Have you ever seen a kid who won’t eat chicken nuggets?  That’s my girl!).  But, ever since she first started on finger foods as a baby, I’ve been making these Chicken Apple Meatballs and she just loves them.  When I can’t get her to eat anything else resembling protein, I know I can stick a few of these in front of her and she’ll scarf them down.  I usually make a big batch and freeze them.  They defrost really easily for a quick dinner.

These meatballs are just as tasty for adults, too.  They’d make a great appetizer, served on toothpicks, maybe with a little apricot glaze – get creative!  This is not an exact recipe, and it’s easily adaptable if you want to omit or add ingredients.”

First, start with one 13.3 oz. package of Isernio’s Ground Chicken.

In a bowl with the chicken, add:

About ¼ cup finely diced yellow onion

½ of an apple, grated, with skin on.  (Any kind of apple will work; I used a Braeburn here)

¼ cup bread crumbs.  (I use the Italian seasoned variety, but you could use plain or whole wheat, depending on your kid’s tastes)

¼ tsp. dried thyme

(you could also add other herbs/spices like garlic, oregano, rosemary…whatever!  I choose not to add salt when making these for my daughter, but if making these for adults, I’d recommend adding some salt & pepper)

Now here’s where you can get sneaky if you want!  I like to sneak some green veggies in there, since that’s another, um, issue with Lily….not a big green fan. 

Sneaky veggies

Take some veggies (I’ve got carrots, broccoli and green beans here), and pulse them in a food processor until finely chopped, to make about ½ cup total.  Then throw them in with the rest of the ingredients. 

Mix it all up – using your hands is best.

Then roll small meatballs, about a tablespoon size.

Place meatballs on a cookie sheet coated with cooking spray.


Bake at 375° for 12-14 minutes, until cooked through.


Cool, and enjoy! 


(Makes about 24 meatballs – if you want to freeze the rest, just place them in a freezer bag once cooled)

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We asked – you answered!

Here’s a few ways our fans roll:

“Toasted English Muffin, Scrambled Eggs, Melted Cheddar Cheese and the Breakfast Chicken Sausage. Much better than stopping at McDonalds. ;+)”

– M Jarred Shelton

“I roll with carmelized onion and red peppers sautéed in olive oil with garlic and red pepper flakes, Italian chicken sausage and farfalle pasta – all tossed with some fresh Parm.  Mmmm, I might even make that tonight.”

– Kim Sharpe Jones

“I love making breakfast burritos with the Spicy Chicken Breakfast Sausage. The sausage with egg, cheese, avocado, and jalapenos is delicious!”

– Kyle Anderson

“Lasagna! 1 Hot chicken and one reg. chicken roll”

 – Darren C. Ross

“I love to use the Mild Chicken Italian sausage in my pasta. I brown it with some saute’d garlic, cayenne pepper for some kick and ground oregano. Then I add it to my homemade sauce and let it simmer for 30 minutes or so (however long I can resist).  It’s great and is a wonderful change from pork sausage.”

– Tev Tate

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Hey, Isernio’s fans! We’re taking our rolls on the road in honor of “a new store” that is going to be selling our Chicken Sausage Rolls very, very soon! We’ll give you more details Friday, but right now we want to know: How Do You Roll?

The first 5 people to tell us how they like to use our Chicken Sausage get a coupon for a free roll!

Just email us at: info@isernio.com and wait for your good sausage fortune to roll into your mail!

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Cabbage Sausage Casserole

 We’ve compiled some St. Paddy’s Day recipes that we think are tasty and easy to make! Enjoy!

Dublin Coddle

Cabbage and Sausage Casserole

Bangers and Mash with Onion Gravy

Irish Sausage Dinner with Guinness

Potato, Sausage and Kale Fritatta

Sausage-Stuffed Potato Galette

Do you have any Irish recipes you’d like to share? Email us at info@isernio.com and we’ll share them with our fans!

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Last week, our Roll Around Seattle contest started at the top of Queen Anne.   Can you guess where the roll is in the photo to the left? This proved to be an easy one, with many people emailing us with the correct guess. But Anna Tucci was the first to email us: Kerry Park! She won a free roll.

The roll then migrated North to Fremont. Can you guess where it is? This was perhaps the hardest Roll Around Seattle photo contest of the week. We had guesses from the Fremont troll to the Fremont Bridge to Pioneer Square. But Ron Wurzer was the first to email us with the correct guess: Lenin statue! He won a free roll!

Next, the roll headed towards Fisherman’s Terminal where it stopped briefly to pose for this photo. Can you guess where it is? Bryan Csiga did. He was the first to email us with the correct guess: Ballard Locks

If you think you have an eye for Seattle landmarks and would like to play our game, all you have to do is go to the Isernio’s Facebook page, become a fan, wait until we post a photo, and be the first one to email us with the correct guess!  Once we have a winner, we’ll post the “after” photo to give you the big picture of where the rolls are posing. Winners will receive a coupon for a free roll and the flavor of their choosing. Good luck!

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Brunch! Brunch! Brunch!

Looking for some brunch inspiration? We scoured some of our favorite blogs to give you these sausage-based recipes. Some of the recipes call for Mexican or Spanish chorizo, but our chorizo works as a wonderful substitution (and some say even more flavorful).


Breakfast Casserole with Italian Sausage

Chorizo and Eggs

Sausage Breakfast Casserole

Breakfast Tacos

Chickpea and Chorizo Strata

Weekend Breakfast Bake

Do you have a brunch recipe you’d like to submit? Email it to us at: info@isernio.com. The first 5 people to email us will get a coupon for free sausage!

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