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Brie and sausage casserole

In celebration of Mother’s Day, May 9th, we’re honoring moms everywhere by giving away free sausage!

All we ask is that you submit a favorite family recipe using Isernio’s. Preferably, we’d love a recipe from your mom or grandmother to properly usher in Mother’s Day, but we’ll take anything you like to cook for yourself or your family using our sausage.

It’s simple – just email us your recipe at info@isernio.com and we’ll send you a coupon for a free sausage! We’ll also post your recipe on our blog to share with others who appreciate good food.

Remember: Nothing says “I Love You, Mom,” like Isernio’s!

By the way, if you’d like the recipe for that Brie & Sausage Breakfast Casserole pictured above, click here.


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We are excited to announce a new member of the Isernio’s family. If you couldn’t guess by the sign, Tony Rodriguez is our new Operations Manager!

We decided we would usher Tony into our company with a barrage of questions. Here we go:

Where were you born?

I was born in Bakersfield CA, raised in Fresno CA, moved to WA in 2001.

Where did you go to college?

I received a dual bachelor’s degree in business and administration from the University of Phoenix.

How long have you been in the food/manufacturing business?

Most of my life, 22 years.

Where did you work before Isernio’s?

I have only worked for two companies, Mission Foods which produces tortillas chips, corn tortillas and flour tortillas and Zacky Farms which produces sausages and cold cuts.

Do you have a favorite flavor of Isernio’s sausage yet?

My favorite is the Italian chicken. When you BBQ it just right it is like biting into heaven.

What else can you tell us about yourself?

I am married with two children. I am the oldest of five siblings. I enjoy competitive sports such as baseball, basket ball and football. I enjoy a good workout, staying in shape is important to me. I am a one day rider for the STP (Seattle to Portland bicycle classic). This is a 200 mile ride. I also enjoy gardening.

Got a question for Tony? Leave it in our comments section!

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We’re taking our rolls on the road!

After several months posing for cameras in Seattle, we decided to take our Chicken Sausage Rolls to visit some of the other cities where our rolls are sold: Oregon, Idaho and Texas.

Since Roll Around Seattle was such a success, we decided we would take photos of our rolls in front of other points of interest throughout OR, ID, and TX.

Like Roll Around Seattle, we are giving away coupons for free rolls to the first person to email us (info@isernio.com) with the correct Roll Around answer whenever we post a photo.

Just visit our Facebook fan page or Twitter to see the photos. We’re going to try to post several photos each week, depending on how our rolls are feeling (sometimes they’re camera shy). Again, be the first to email us the correct guess at info@isernio.com and win yourself a free roll!

By the way, that photo up there? That’s our first “Roll Around…” photo. Can you guess where it is? Hint: it straddles WA and OR. Email us the correct guess and win!

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Join us this Thursday, April 22nd, at the Columbia Tower Club for a truly unique event: “As Far as the Eye Can See.”

We’re going to be joined by other vendors from as far as you can see out the window of the Columbia Tower, including: Jones Soda, Pike Brewery, Thrive Raw Food and Jonboy Caramels.

To see the entire list of vendors, and to buy tickets for this event (cost is $50 for non-members), click here.

If you can’t physically join us , join us in spirit by celebrating locally for Earth Day this year!

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Angelo Pellegrini is one of Frank Isernio’s beloved friends and mentors. “I find Angelo Pellegrini’s example at the very core of my passion for food and the celebration for life,” says Frank, “I think of him every day and cherish him as the example we will always try to live up to.”

Author Ruth Reichl (former editor of Gourmet Magazine) has also been deeply moved by Pellegrini. In this article from the Seattle Weekly she credits his book, An Unprejudiced Palate, for changing her life.
We hope you enjoy this article as much as we did.

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We’re pretty excited around here at Isernio’s. We’ve got some new customers…in Texas!  Market Street and United Supermarkets are now carrying our Chicken Sausage Rolls — the first chain grocery store outside of the Northwest to sell our products.

To our Texas fans: We can’t wait for you to try our sausage! We’re a long-standing trusted brand in the Northwest and are looking forward to hearing your thoughts on our product.

To our Northwest fans: If you find yourself down in the Lone Star state and spot our Chicken Sausage Rolls, snap a photo and email it to us – we’ll send you a free roll! info@isernio.com.

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